Sunday, September 22, 2013

The #SNAP Challenge Day 4 and 5

I will be away from home this afternoon through Tuesday.  Since I can't eat out or partake in the freebies I can get in my job, I have packed a BIG lunch bag to take with me (and hopefully keep my belly full until I get home)

I made a box of rotini ($1, 1260 calories for the whole box) with a jar of pasta sauce ($1.39, 500 calories for the entire jar).  I have this in a reheatable container and it should make 3 meals or more.

                                                       In addition, I have:

2 bags of nuts     no cost     360 calories
4 servings of toasted oats    48 cents     440 calories
2 turkey servings       $1.48                        120 calories
4 slices bread                 24 cents                 280 calories
2 hard boiled eggs      32 cents                    140 calories

Total 3100 calories at a cost of 4.91 for 4-6 meals Sunday afternoon through Tuesday morning.
I also plan on filling my water bottle with unsweetened tea and taking tea bags to make as needed.

I will be eating breakfast this morning at home, sleep for a few hours, then back to work.  I'll be back at home on Tuesday sometime and update again sometime Tuesday night.
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