Monday, February 11, 2013

Mission Without Borders: Changing Lives One Family at a Time

Operation Winter Rescue Romania 2012 from MWBI on Vimeo.

When I was young (a long,long,long time ago) I wanted to change the world. I learned over time that I can't change "the world". Changing hearts and changing lives is a one on one process. And it can only be done one life- one family- at a time. I have previously shared the appeal for Operation Winter Rescue and the need for material and spiritual aid to needy children children and families in Eastern Europe. This video is a story of one family- one life changed for the better through the work of donors and volunteers.

A couple of notes. In Romania, as in other Eastern European countries, poor families will receive state assistance per child. It is usually a small sum- not nearly enough to raise a child properly. I don't mean this as criticism of any country- but it's not something anyone would want to try to survive on. One US dollar is about 3 Romanian lei, so the 170 RON (new Romanian lei) equals about $50-$55 a month. Many Eastern European countries require students to provide their own school supplies. Otherwise, they cannot attend school! I'm not sure if this is the situation in Romania, but if it is, the school supplies provided were critical to keeping the 2 older children in school.

This one family's life was made a little brighter, a little more hopeful, because of Operation Winter Rescue, Mission Without Borders and donors. Multiply this a few thousand times and that, my friend, is the sound of the world being changed- one life at a time.

You can give alternative Christmas gifts this year that will change the life of a child or a family!

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