Monday, September 23, 2013

Missions Monday: Street Mercy in Bulgaria

empathy: the ability to share someone else's feelings

This week I have started taking the SNAP challenge, which (forget all the political slogans) helps people (and is helping me) get a glimpse into the difficult decisions people in poverty have to make on a daily basis.

Do I buy milk or potatoes?

Lunch meat or less of something that is healthy (fresh fruit)?

Can I afford any fresh food AT ALL?

This Thursday I will begin week two of what I plan on being one month of living on a  SNAP budget.  I have been challenged by a reader to go one step further.  Thursday I will try to stretch $22.50 (SNAP budget per person/week) into 7 days of reasonable healthy, satisfying food.  This week has been a challenge.  I haven't starved but neither have I been "full" either.  

But for today, I wanted to draw attention to the fact that poverty is not just a US issue.  It's a worldwide issue.  And it's an issue that we are called to deal with and try to alleviate on a worldwide basis.

Three of the worst feelings I have experienced (beside grief) are being cold (when you are cold and just can't get warm), hungry, and tired.  The worst is when you are cold, hungry, AND tired at the same time.  I've experienced all three at once and this video shows some saints in Bulgaria ministering to people who experience this on a daily basis.

I've said before that I can't change the world.  Neither can you.  But you and I can make a difference in one persons life.  Mission Without Borders needs partners here in the US (and around the world) to step up and provide support so that needy people can be fed, loved, and welcomed into God's family in Eastern Europe.

Are you up to the challenge?

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