Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shopping Day- Week 2 of The #SNAP Challenge (starts tomorrow!)

I prepared and priced out my shopping list on Monday.  This week I plan on stretching myself by reducing the food budget to $22.50.  I have some foods on hand (that I did not purchase last week- just stuff in my pantry.  I have priced these items at Kroger and "bought" them for this week (starts tomorrow).

On hand items and prices (latest prices from Kroger).  These items were not included in last weeks food.

dry lima beans               1.59
Spagetti                         1.00
Canned Pasta Sauce      1.00
Bologna (on sale)           1.00
Wheat Bread                 1.25
Rotini                             1.00
2 cans diced tomatoes    2.00
1 bag frozen veggies       1.00

Total of 9.84 spent on stuff I had in my pantry

This evening I shopped at ValuMarket.  I priced them online and the prices for what I needed were better than Kroger!  So I bought:

Gallon Fat Free Milk                  2.89
Margarine                                  1.39
5   lbs russet potatoes                 2.99
12 eggs                                      1.69
3 lb banana (7)                           1.78

Valumarket  total of $10.64.  Bringing the weekly grand total to 20.48- $2.02  below my allowance of $22.50.  I might pick up a couple of bags of frozen veggies that are on sale at Kroger with this.

I have left over from last week:

Crockpot of cooked white beans
Half a bag of Toasted Oats cereal (store brand)
2 potatoes
1 or 2 bags of frozen veggies
1/4 a loaf of bread
4-5 eggs

This weekend (Sunday through Tuesday) I ate all the food I brought with me-finishing the toasted oats on the bus home!.  So that worked out well.  So far (Tuesday night) I haven't suffered greatly.  It does take discipline and packing food with me to work.  I have also found it helpful to use dieting tricks- eat small meals several times a day- sort of graze- to avoid hunger.  The tea has helped prevent any caffeine headaches.  My stomach is thanking me for eating less (and better) though it growls sometimes in protest of smaller portions.

Something about being hungry (even just a little) makes me more aware of God's provision and how much (more) I need HIS provision on a daily basis.  I think that hunger and thirst can be gifts that point to deeper spiritual realities at times.

Anyhow I trust that God is providing for your needs and that He keeps us keenly dependent on Him (and aware of this dependence) every day.  The second week of #SNAP challenge begins Thursday morning! And I have a great food freebie announcement for Friday!  Don't miss it!

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