Monday, July 29, 2013

Missions Monday: Sponsorship News

Friday afternoon I decided to be adventurous.  Rather than go home from work and straight to bed, I decided to try be a bit more productive and finally use the Groupon I've had for a while for the lunch buffet at an Indian restaurant in town.  That meant cat-napping while doing small loads of laundry until time to take the bus for an early lunch.  The Wonder Washer I bought a year ago is a gem and still ticking!

I had a great morning and a delicious meal (and no dirty clothes to boot!)  To top off this great day was a letter in the mail.  Now I don't get excited about every letter I receive in the mail (well yes, I do, but that's just one of my quirks).  But this was a special letter.  It was a sponsorship update from my sponsored child in Moldova!

M will be 14 this year.  I can remember 14 and no I would never want to relive that time!  Well, maybe a little..  Your early teens are a time when you begin to see beyond your own safe world.  When you begin to realize the world is out there and it's not always safe.  M has a family, but they are unable to care for him.  But he does return home from the boarding school during the holidays.  His parents drink and become abusive.  His note didn't specifically mention this fact but he did ask that I pray for peace in his family.  He's beginning to recognize that somethings not right with his family- somethings not right with the world- and I really feel for him.  I am praying this realization would create in him a longing for a "new heaven and a new earth" where he will be loved forever by his Heavenly Father.

Someday everything will be made right- everything sad will be made untrue.  Until that time we pray with Jesus and the Holy Spirit "Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven"

Maranatha.  Come Lord Jesus

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