Sunday, August 4, 2013

Missions Monday! News From Albania

Wow!  July was a busy month for getting news from my sponsored kids!  K in Albania wrote me a nice letter (he's growing up so quickly!)  telling me the useful things he was able to buy with the small gift I sent in May. I think sending money was a much better idea than sending packages of pens, pencils, etc.  With the small gift (believe me it wasn't much!) he was able to buy school clothes and sneakers for himself, some clothes for his family, and several bags of grocery staples (rice, oil, etc).  Much more than I would have been able to ship.  I liked that he (with the World Vision team member) was able to stretch those dollars and buy something practical that will benefit his whole family.

And he's going to summer camp!  He was very excited and this makes me excited that he gets a chance to go to a Christian camp and have fun for a week before school starts.  You can read about one of the World Vision camps in Albania here!  Above is a pretty cool video highlighting a camp from last year.
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