Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blog Neglect

I have seriously neglected this blog.  I am sitting here at work listening to Ephesians (the entire book of Ephesians word for word set to music!) and really desire to keep this blog updated.  I have caught up and am on track in my daily bible reading using Professor Horner's Bible reading plan.  This will be the year, God willing, that I read through the Bible!  I hope to write a few posts each week about what I am learning.

Several weeks ago, I was challenged to envision who I wanted to be and who God wanted me to be and write out action steps- how to get there.  All of us have room to grow and I definitely have my areas of needed growth.  Financially- to pay off all short term debt.  Physically- I still have 30 pounds left to lose to be at a "healthy weight" (based on BMI).  Spiritually, to know God more, walk with Him daily, and grow in trust and purity.

With 26 weeks left in 2012, I plan on tackling all three of these areas.  Financially- to pay off $4000 in debt by December 31.  Physically, I want to be at a target weight of 200 by the end of the year.  Spiritually, I am trying to be more disciplined in prayer (time and place).  Also, by God's help, I will read Scripture daily and memorize Scripture (Romans 8 by end of July and Ephesians by end of year).  There are a million other things that I won't be blogging about but I just pray that God will give me a vision of who he wants me to be and give me the willpower to move in that direction daily.

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