Sunday, September 9, 2012

Roadside Ten Commandments

I finally downloaded a New Living Translation bible 
to my Kindle.  I carry a hardbound copy in my 
backpack for everyday use but now I have a "spare"
in my Kindle which comes in handy on the bus. I 
am trying to use the time on the bus wisely. In 
addition to people watching, I carry around a 
backpack full of diversions- music to listen to, 
writing materials, and Scripture.

Reading in Deuteronomy this evening, I think I found the first instance of the ten 
commandments being posted in a public place!  

“Then build an altar there to the Lord your God, using natural, uncut stones. You must not shape the stones with an iron tool. Build the altar of uncut stones, and use it to offer burnt offerings to the Lord your God.Also sacrifice peace offerings on it, and celebrate by feasting there before the Lord your God. You must clearly write all these instructions on the stones coated with plaster.”
Deuteronomy 27:5-8

New Living Translation (NLT)
The Law of God being cut/imprinted into plaster as a standing memorial altar for future generations!

Anyhow, it makes me reassess my opinion of roadside shrines.  Shrines can ensnare people into idolatry.  However, we are prone to spiritual amnesia- forgetting God in our busy lives.  Maybe a few roadside crosses wouldn't be such a bad thing? 

Today's Reading (Day 180 of 365)

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