Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vocational Educational Program Moldova

When I visited Mihai's school in March
, we were able to sit down and talk with the school director about her goals and dreams for the school. One area they were developing, along with Mission Without Borders, was vocational training for the students. As much as I'd like every student to go to university, in reality, this is not likely. For children without parents or a steady home life, someone must step in and help guide them. Guidance and training is needed in both spiritual and physical areas of our lives.

Mission Without Borders has been meeting the physical and spiritual needs of thousands of these children in Moldova. However, they will grow up and need to have vocational skills so that they can provide for their families in the future. Breaking the cycle of broken families and poverty-one child at a time.

The director said they were in the beginning stages of vocational programs for the children at Mihai's home. She hoped it would be fully functional in a few years. One farm based school trains students how to cultivate crops and raise livestock. Training for farm jobs is doubly beneficial for the schools as the harvest is channeled back to the students who benefit from fresh produce,oils,honey, and meat.

The newly started Mechanics Workshop teaches students the basics of car repair and body parts. 28 students have enrolled in its first year.

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