Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer is a time for fun!

We are having a mild, cool spell- a "polar vortex" if you will.  Tonight we may even drop down to 56 degrees- a record low.  Honestly, this has not been a "fun" summer for me.  Mostly work.  Very little time off.  But I do remember fun summers as a kid.  Family vacations, hot summer days, playing outside until well after dark.

What are your favorite summer memories?

Sadly, many kids throughout the world don't have great memories of summer.  Sure, they may get time off from school.  But that time off is spent working to earn money to buy food.

Mission Without Borders provides year round programs to stabilize needy families and help them move toward providing for themselves.  But there are special programs that benefit kids short and long term as well.  One of these programs is the many summer camps run by local churches in Eastern Europe.
Children from group homes and needy families are able to spend a week or two having fun- just being kids.  There are nutritious hot meals, Bible lessons, crafts, games and more.  

All of this costs just $15 per child per day.  If you would be interested in helping a child attend camp or sponsoring a child or family, the US website is www.mwb.org.  A little money can go a long way in making positive memories for a needy child.

And do let me know what your favorite summer memories are in the comments!
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