Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sam's Club Groupon

Oh Sam, you are a sneaky devil.  And by sneaky, I mean your marketing people are brilliant.  I was one of those people who liked shopping at Sam's Club when I went with my parents or borrowed a card from work.  But I never thought I could justify the $45 membership fee.  Would a single guy really save that much?  Would I even use it that often?  

Last week I was checking my email when I noticed a Groupon offer for Sam's Club.  Since I've always been teetering on the edge of getting a card anyhow, I checked out this Groupon offer.  The price was $45 (standard membership fee) ..the difference was what you got for that $45.  In addition to a year long Sam's Club membership you received a $20 gift card, and 4 vouchers for FREE deli food.  Over a pound of turkey, Ciabatti rolls, black bean dip, and a 10 inch apple pie were included.  The free merchandise more than paid for the membership fee!

So I spent the afternoon at Sam's Club.  I didn't go crazy..just buying things that I needed anyhow- this time in bulk.  And I redeemed all the free food vouchers.  Enough food for a week.  Then I went outside.  The convenience store next to work has gas for $3.73 this evening.  Sam's Club had gas for $3.33 a gallon, so I filled up the tank as well.

Will I continue to shop at Sam's Club?  Well, I won't be one of those people with pallets of merchandise in the checkout lane but I do think that they do offer great prices on items I need to stock up on anyhow (detergent, deodorant, soap) and the grocery prices were reasonable (I just don't want/need 10 pounds of Cheerios or chips at a time).  Maybe I'll pop in once a month and stock up.  I'll definitely continue buying gas there.

Have you ever bought a Groupon?
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If so which was your favorite? 
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