Sunday, September 9, 2012

Choosing Joy

There's nothing like adversity to expose character and maturity or the lack thereof. Unfortunately, 2012 has picked up where 2011 left off. And the trials of life continue to pile up. After my car died, I began experiencing increased pain in my teeth. Thursday I went to see a dentist and they found two big problem teeth. One, a molar, needs to be removed. They were able to do a root canal on the front tooth. Until I get the permanent cap, I can't eat anything crunchy, chewy, or sticky. So far I'm living on bread and butter spread but bought some broth today.
Oh and did I mention the cost for the root canal? Over $2000 which I had to finance because I am just at the starting point in beginning to pay off debts.   So that was a setback.  And I'm still in pain because the molar still needs to be cut out.  I have no idea how much a tooth extraction will cost but will call the referral on Monday and find out.

Thursday I was in such a bad mood.  It seemed as if the world was crashing in on me! I know that was an overreaction but a toothache will do that to a person.  After the root canal, I was able to get some stronger pain pills and antibiotics, which are both beginning to work. And I am getting my fight back.

My fight is for joy and living as a child of God- not as one who has no hope.  I am using time spent at bus stops/riding the bus (about an hour a day) singing hymns, praying, and memorizing Scripture.  I am working on Romans 8.  I tried and failed to memorize this with my church during a sermon series last year.  But I am having some success this time around (working on verses 11-15).  But it is a fight- a struggle.  My natural tendency is to give in to depression and surrender to despondency.  By preaching the gospel to myself  even while in tooth pain at a very cold bus stop  I declare the truth- that I am a child of God- dearly loved by God- He knows my needs and is using these trying times to develop character and endurance in me!

Are you going through difficult circumstances of life?  How are you clinging to hope- and the source of Hope-Jesus Christ?

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