Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bad Decisions

Ever want to kick yourself for a bad decision you made? Whether it was one decision or a series of choices- I think everyone has been in this position.

My bad decisions have been in the area of finances. Specifically, using credit cards to live beyond my means. I mean, I went to college- I DESERVE this. Childish logic. But I keep using it to justify my purchases/wasteful spending.

This month I have decided to concentrate all my effort on getting an emergency fund established. Dave Ramsey says this is the first step in getting out of debt (after a written budget). If I go on a spending freeze (all unnecessary spending stopped) this may be a possibility. Then every extra penny needs to be put toward debt.

The first target is the Target Visa. It is the smallest of my debts but it is also the highest interest rate. So it qualifies by either Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman standards to be eliminated first. Then, since this is my oldest card, it will be a backup emergency fund. But ONLY for emergencies. It has a small limit of $900 so I can't get into too much trouble (and $900 would deal with any immediate emergency I might have).

What bad decisions have you made? How are you correcting them? I am praying for a spirit of contentment and wisdom. Contentment with what I have not what I don't have/want. And wisdom- to use the resources that I have been blessed with wisely and be frugal.

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