Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another reason to hate WalMart

I hate shopping at WalMart. This evening I went to pick up an electric space heater. We are still in the middle of a massive power outage and unseasonably cold weather. I am very blessed to have power but I have gas heat (expensive!). So I thought a little electric heater would complement my gas furnace and help me save on my gas bill.

They were completely sold out of every kind, make or model of space heaters. I worked at Wally World during college. They were always bragging about their state of the art technology that would add items to the automated order whenever an item was scanned. Over and over, this system was proven to not work or work incorrectly forcing a manager to have to hand scan empty shelves to place an accurate order.

But to add insult to injury there was a large handwritten sign stating "Sold out for the season"!!!! It just turned February, people! Punxsutawney Phil said 6 more weeks of winter yesterday (if you believe such things). Anyhow it'll be cold for a long time still. People will still need heaters of various sorts. But they won't find them at the Bashford Manor WalMart in Louisville Kentucky.

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