Friday, January 2, 2009

Read through the Bible in 2009

I purchased the YWAM Personal Prayer Diary to (once again) make an attempt to read through the bible this year. My church will be reading through the Old Testament this year so at least I'll have company through that half. So far, I've been successful ( I know it's only the second day!). The prayer diary/personal planner will also help with more focused, consistent prayer and keeping my plans for this year in order.

I did a little research and found a similar (maybe identical) online Bible reading plan. It has an RSS feed- I posted it at the bottom of my blog. Simply click on the daily readings and the Scripture will pop up on your computer. Great if I forget my Bible, am at work, etc.

Regardless, if you have a computer that you check daily- now there is no excuse to fall behind in reading through the Scripture in 2009.

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