Monday, April 15, 2013

Missions Monday: Not Today The Movie and The Dalit people

Official Not Today Movie Trailer from Not Today the Movie on Vimeo.
Caden Welles has the world on a string. His daddy’s rich, and Caden’s living as large as any 20-year-old dream. But what happens when this young American is halfway around the world and that dream becomes a nightmare?

NOT TODAY - Coming Spring 2013

This evening, I was listening to the latest Steve Brown etc. on my iPod and I was floored by the interview of a man, his church, and the unspeakable history of the Dalit people of India.  The Dalit (literally means "suppressed", "crushed", or "broken to pieces") are "untouchables" in the Indian caste system.  While caste is outlawed under the Indian constitution, the reality is that it is still practiced.  Many Dalit are illiterate.  Combine lack of education with the bottom rung of society and the result is that many Dalit children live in squalor and are fodder for human trafficking.

This movie (now in theaters- soon to be on DVD) while fictional is based on numerous true stories told to Brent Martz and members of the Friends church in Yorba Linda, California.  This one church has committed to building 200 schools for the Dalit children and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Human trafficking, poverty, and child abuse are all things that grieve God's heart.  I look forward to getting this movie on DVD when it comes out as there are no showings in my area.  If you are able, please go see this movie- profits help the Dalit people.  You can listen to the Steve Brown etc interview here.

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