Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Living on $1 a day

This video is a couple of years old but is a simple explanation of how rising food costs affect everybody but especially impact the poor around the world.  If you're living on a dollar a day, your choices are pretty bleak if the price of food increases (or even doubles as in 2011!).  While it is true that in some countries food prices are lower than here in the United States, consider this- in many developing countries food prices at the market are equal or GREATER to prices here.

I know this from personal experience in Romania and Moldova but I found this site today that measures the cost of living (and many food items) in Moldova.  Many items are comparable to US prices!   But the average monthly wage is just $263 a month.

Regardless this is a sobering video.  An opportunity to pray for those living in difficult situations.  Also an opportunity to be grateful for what we do have and complain a little less (I'm just as guilty as anybody!).

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