Friday, July 19, 2013

Enjoy Life (and save big!) with Groupon!

Trying to be frugal doesn't mean you have to deny yourself all the time. In fact, you should indulge yourself once in a while. The key is moderation and finding a way to treat yourself for less or no money. I like to eat out. That's a fact and while I have cut back quite a bit, there's always those days when I'm off schedule, out of food, or just tired. One solution that I use is Groupon. They offer great deals (usually half off!) on local restaurants and attractions. Once you set up an account you can save your vouchers online and print them anywhere! If you have a smartphone, you don't even need a printed copy. And most Groupons are good for six months or longer. Right now I have 3 Groupons for a local restaurant saved for a "rainy day". I also can give Groupons as a gift!

I love the opportunity of trying new restaurants while saving money! I have tried a new gourmet burger joint, a sit down Indian restaurant, and a Nigerian cafe serving West African dishes. Two of these places I had never heard of and never would have experienced without Groupon!

You can sign up for Groupon with the widget below. It will show you a great deal in your community! If you sign up and purchase a Groupon using this widget, I will receive a small credit. Think of it as treating me to lunch! Thank you!

Disclosure: I was not compensated by Groupon in any way for making this post. I may receive credit for future purchases if you sign up and purchase Groupons using the above link. My experience with Groupon has been very positive- yours may be different- (but I doubt it!)
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