Friday, January 18, 2013

How I Save With The Wonder Washer!

Saving money is never easy.  There are only two options- cut expenses or increase your income!  I am always looking for ways to tweak my budget and give myself a "virtual raise".  One way is monetizing this website with ads.  Yes I'd love to be ad free but the small income these ads produce contribute to my emergency fund!  Secondly, I am an Amazon associate.  This means that when you purchase anything from Amazon through my blog I get a small percentage.  This also is contributing to my emergency fund.

One way that I have hound to tweak my budget is my avoiding the laundromat!  Easy enough if you have a washer and dryer.  But I have neither!  Well, not in the traditional sense.  Last August I purchased a small washer/agitator called the Wonder Washer from Amazon.  It has a small removable tub that you can fill with 1-2 shirts or a pair of pants at a time.  Fill the tub with warm water, a small amount of detergent,and set it on the stand.  The automatic timer can be turned on to agitate for 15 minutes.  Then drain the tub (the lid has drainage holes), rinse and wring dry.  Air drying typically takes me 8-16 hours.

It's that simple!  I washed 4 small loads of laundry this morning- enough to last until next Wednesday- and didn't spend the weekly $10 at the laundromat.  This can add up to $30-$40 savings a month!  I will often wash clothes 3-4 times a week and only keep towels/blankets in the laundry basket for a monthly (or bi-monthly) visit to the laundromat.

Is it simple?  Yes!  Is it easy?  Yes and no.  It's not difficult but it does require that you stay caught up with laundry.  I try to never have more than 2-4 loads piled up as dirty clothes.  The clothes aren't as soft as coming warm from the dryer (I might try rinsing in fabric softener sometime before air drying).  But clothes will last longer not being subjected to the harsh heat of an industrial dryer at the laundromat.

How have you tweaked your budget?  Would you ever consider a Wonder Washer?  I can tell you that I was skeptical at first but that it pays for itself within a couple of months! It has been a blessing when money is tight to be able to skip the laundromat and get clean clothes at home!

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