Friday, July 6, 2018

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"Summertime and the living's easy" Well it may have been easy for Porgy and Bess but it sure has been miserably hot here. And there's really nothing to do about it either. Stay hydrated, stay indoors in air conditioning when possible, pray for cooler weather. Thankfully, autumn will soon be here enough with cool, crisp mornings. And kids all over the world will be returning to school.  Many families will go shopping for school supplies- maybe even new clothes or shoes.  Some children aren't as fortunate however.

Did you know?
Approximately 75 per cent of children in Moldova experience some form of physical and psychological violence.

 Many kids in Eastern Europe are in the grip of generational poverty. Their parents didn't finish school (if they went at all). Neither did their grandparents. Living a subsistence agricultural life or doing odd jobs when available is a way of life. Education is not a priority in their lives. Because they are living in poverty, kids drop out (or never enroll) in school so that they can help the family survive. This may be caring for animals, begging on the streets, or digging for scrap in dumps. Because they do not have an education, they do not have other opportunities. And the cycle of poverty continues to the next generation.

1 in 8 children go to bed hungry in Romania.

Mission Without Borders works with local churches to provide after school programs, tutoring, a safe place to complete homework and a hot meal - all this designed to share the love of Jesus and encourage children to stay in school and live up to their potential.  One way that they do this is providing thousands of the neediest children with backpacks filled with school supplies.  Many of these children's families do not have the money needed to buy necessary school supplies and this leads to discouragement and falling behind in school work.  Each backpack full of supplies costs about $25.

To help fill this need, I have started a GoFundMe page with a twist!  All the money raised on this GoFundMe page will be delivered to Mission Without Borders- I have no access to the cash.   But I do know someone who will MATCH YOUR DONATION..  

Every dollar will be matched up to the $600 goal! 

To encourage sharing online I have a new giveaway to help YOU buy school supplies!  You can enter daily and new entry methods may be forthcoming soon.  

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