Sunday, March 31, 2013

Missions Monday: Good Stewardship (and a giveaway!)

I hesitate even beginning a short blog post on stewardship. I have failed so often in large and small ways and in many areas of my life.  But along the way, I am learning how to use what I do have wisely.

One big lesson I learned is to never be satisfied with your insurance rates!  At least once a year, shop around.  Life insurance term rates are extremely competitive.  Auto insurance is the same.
Due to certain bad driving habits (a couple of wrecks and a speeding ticket over the course of a few years), my auto insurance was cancelled.  In order to find coverage, I went with a no frills online provider.  Well, their rates were through the roof!  $167 a month!  Knowing that it my own doing, I stuck it out but kept talking to insurance agents- searching online quotes and the like.  Within a year, I  found that the same, exact coverage was to be had for $60 a month through AAA!  Later I dropped full coverage and it dropped again to $37 a month! Savings of over $130 a month by shopping around!  I'm beginning to do the same with my health insurance.  It has skyrocketed from $130 to $190 a month over the past 2 years (thanks Obamacare!).

How have you saved on insurance?  Do you have health, life, and auto insurance?  Any tips?

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