Friday, November 11, 2016

Shopping With Prime Pantry!

One lesser known benefit of an Amazon Prime membership is the access to the Prime Pantry! What is the Prime Pantry? Prime Pantry is a home delivery service from Amazon. You are able to shop thousands of grocery and everyday items (bath, baby, laundry)in normal sizes at low prices. If you purchase 5 qualifying items, the shipping is free. Otherwise you can "fill up" a rather large box for a flat shipping fee of $5.99!
Given my cramped living space, I had to let my supply dwindle before I made my first purchase. I purchased 5 of the qualifying items (for free shipping) and had an Amazon credit of $5 for choosing a slower shipping method on another order.

I ordered on November 5th and the box was delivered on  Monday, Nov 7th- a very quick turnaround so I have to give 4 stars for delivery.  The box was sturdy (I had ordered canned goods and shampoo so I was a bit concerned).  No damage at all to any items- and the box even comes with handles which made carrying it up the 3 flights of stairs to my apartment a breeze.

As I said before, I had free shipping ($5.99) because I ordered the 5 required items and I had a $5 coupon on my Amazon account.  I ordered some presents for K that I can take to Albania in January.  There was no rush and Amazon sometimes offers a $5 coupon if you accept slower 5-7 day delivery over the rushed 2 day Prime delivery.  I took them up on that offer.  While shopping you are able to "clip" coupons for certain items- saving even more money!

The prices for each item was comparable to what you would pay in a grocery store.  $1,25 for a 19 ounce can of Progresso soup, $1 for pouches of flavored rice/pasta mixes, $2.50 for a box of Rice Chex.  I felt the Prime Pantry offered a good value.  There were some items available for Pantry that were a little pricier (for instance 4 loaves of Colonial bread for $10- and gourmet bread was more expensive) but I appreciated the fact that so many items were available.  I'll just stick to the grocery store for these items.  But for the housebound or extremely busy person, this is a great and affordable option.
Free 30 Day Trial!
Will I order from Prime Pantry again?  I don't plan on ordering on a regular basis but it is nice to know that if I ever get crazy busy again, I can have essential food and supplies delivered to my door at a reasonable price.  I would definitely recommend that you look into Amazon Prime and the benefits and value of the Prime Pantry!  You can enjoy a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime by using the link below!

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