Sunday, November 27, 2016

#GivingTuesday Inspiratiom

You can contact Mission Without Borders in the US at their webpage

This is Veronica. She lives alone on an old and abandoned industrial estate on the outskirts of Sibiu, Romania. She is 80-years-old, limps everywhere she goes, is blind in one eye and struggles to breathe. The walls of her small shack are filled with damp, the ceiling is cracked and the smell inside is unbearable. She has some electricity, a tap for running water out in the yard and a toilet that does not work. Instead, she has to use her basin which she keeps under her bed. We're helping  Veronica to survive the winter by providing food and firewood. One of our co-coordinators will visit regularly to remind her she is not alone and ensure her health and wellbeing are being maintained. You can help people like Veronica this Christmas. In the UK, Text BOOT 16 to 70070. In the US you can donate at #romania #easterneurope #older #dignity #hope #keepwarm #fillthegap #freezing #cold #winter #christmas #lonely #pray
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