Saturday, November 26, 2016

#Giving Tuesday and Alternative Gifts

In three days, America will be celebrating another made up holiday- #GivingTuesday. Unlike Black Friday, this day is dedicated to focusing on OTHERS and the less fortunate. One easy way to focus on others this holiday season is to give back. Whether it's time, talent, money, or skill, everyone has something to give.

This week I want to focus on gift giving. Not receiving gifts but GIVING. Giving to those who may never know us and may never be able to thank us. I have set a gift registry at listing some critical needs of people in Eastern Europe served by Mission Without Borders. The list spells WHOSS and was done to remind me whose birthday Christmas is all about.

The needs are as follows:

Wood for Fuel. Most poor homes in rural Eastern Europe are still heated by wood. By providing wood, you are ensuring that children and families stay warm this winter! And it provides employment to those who chop the wood!

Hot Meal for a Month. It costs about $48 to provide one hot meal a day in community centers and Street Mercy programs- both of which work hand in hand with local churches sharing Christ's love with the elderly, homeless, and poor.

Operation Christmas Love parcel. "Family parcels contain a variety of foodstuffs, jams, canned meat, coffee and tea, chocolates, sweets and juice, as well as useful household items like needles and thread, linens, tablecloths and family games. For the children, there is a variety of sweets, stickers, books, crayons, drawing books and hygiene products." (Mission Without Borders Canada)

Seeds of Hope. Seeds of Hope is a program that provides the poor with tools, high quality seeds, and training to help them grow their own food and take one more step toward self sufficiency. You'll hear more about this program in a few months. For now you can check out the videos here, here, and my blogpost here.

School Supplies for a year. Provide a needy child with the tools he/she needs to succeed in school.

Simply go to the registry, pick our your alternative gift and complete the donation on the link to the Mission Without Borders webpage.  Don't forget to actually MAKE the donation on the Mission Without Borders website!  The registry doesn't collect the money- this way your personal info stays safe!  Any questions, feel free to ask!

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