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Don't be "creeped" out! Reach out instead! Operation Christmas Love 2016

OCL Ukraine 2015 from MWBI on Vimeo.

Everybody hates the Christmas creep- that merchandising phenomenon that keeps pushing Christmas earlier and earlier every year. Personally,I don't mind it at all but I don't intend this post to irritate those of you that do. But, when you are caring for the needs of hundreds of families and supporting thousands of children, as Mission Without Borders is doing throughout Eastern Europe, you do have to start early. So for this Missions Monday post, I want to share a bit about what Operation Christmas Love is and how we can be involved.

Christmas tree by Igor from Moldova

Operation Christmas Love is a special project of Mission Without Borders in which over 30,000 parcels are delivered to needy families in Eastern Europe to share the love of Christ and meet critical physical needs.  

What are in the parcels?  

Operation Christmas Love parcels are "filled with  basic ingredients such as oil, grains, wheat, pasta, rice, canned fish and meat, tea, coffee and sweets."  They also include Christian literature and the message of the true meaning of Christmas.

The parcels are locally sourced whenever possible- making them cost effective and beneficial for the local economies in these struggling nations.

These parcels are distributed through local churches who identify the neediest families and elderly and hand deliver parcels and share Christ's love during the Christmas season.  Parcels are delivered throughout the month of December.  But preparation and fundraising starts now!

What is the cost?

Each large parcel costs about $40 each but donations are accepted for any amount!  Any amount given will help provide desperately needy families with food, warmth, and, most importantly, HOPE.

Where can I sign up?

Thank you from Moldova (Igor)!

Whether you donate $5 or $500, please consider how you can help the least of these enjoy the Christmas season and learn about the love of Jesus- the reason for the season!

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