Thursday, September 29, 2016

Celebrate National Coffee Day! And a coffee giveaway!

Today's my birthday! And it's also National Coffee Day! The only coffee I care for is iced coffee with a LOT of cream and sugar- so much that it really isn't fair to call it coffee at all. Maybe a "coffee blend". Regardless, to celebrate coffee day, I wanted to share some fun facts with you AND start a 4 week giveaway for coffee lovers.

Coffeee img451First, if you are so blessed as to have a Krispy Kreme in your town, they are celebrating National Coffee Day by giving away one free glazed original doughnut and a small coffee to their patrons September 29th only! Don't miss this chance to indulge yourself!

Secondly, I am celebrating on this blog by a new giveaway! Watch the video below and see how purchasing handcrafted gifts from World Vision brings hope to needy children and families around the world. One of these unique gifts is History's first coffee blend! "Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Sumatra Permata Gayo provides a delicious blend of citrus and chocolate."  I'm offering this coffee as the prize for this giveaway.  This 10 ounce whole bean coffee is purchased from farmers who are using their profits to overcome poverty and provide a better future for their families. Included with this prize package is an olivewood scoop!

According to legend, the energizing effects of coffee were first discovered by the ancestors of the Oromo people in today's Ethiopia. You can discover this delicious blend of coffee ( and help families through World Vision)by entering below!

What's you favorite coffee flavor?  Cream and sugar or black?  Do you grind your own beans?  Any special coffee flavors or blends that will turn me into a coffee lover?

Note: This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by World Vision. This blog is solely responsible for delivery of the prize (which will be ordered through the World Vision gift catalog).  The retail value of the prize is $19, the rest going to World Vision to assist families in need around the world!

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