Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Thanks from Moldova! #giveabackpack

Thanks to your support of the #giveabackpack campaign, thousands of children like Timotei in Moldova ( and throughout Eastern Europe) will have backpacks filled with school supplies and start the school year with confidence. Through after school clubs, family sponsorship, community centers, and local church support these children will also be encouraged to stay in school and maximize the benefits of a good education. Hope is a powerful thing. Thanks for giving these children hope for a better life!

Did you know that you can follow Mission Without Borders on Facebook or Twitter?  Operation Christmas Love is gearing up and your prayers and support are needed to bring joy and hope to thousands of the neediest children and families this year. I've personally visited their work in Moldova and seen the wonderful improvements in children's homes and families there due to sponsorship. Your support and prayers really do impact lives in very practical ways- all while bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to those who so desperately need hope.

Hope is a powerful thing.

Would you consider child or family sponsorship?  How about a one time gift to help the neediest? There is an online mission market where you can donate towards specific ongoing needs- like a mother care parcel, hot meals for a month, school supplies for a year, or a bible correspondence course.  Check it out! Thanks.

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