Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas in Albania! #OCL2016

Mission Without Borders is preparing over 30,000 Operation Christmas Love parcels to be distributed to the needy in Eastern Europe this Christmas season. Below is a report from the team in Albania! This blog has a goal of funding 10 of these OCL boxes. At $40 each, that adds up to $400! However, by using my Amazon affiliate links, we have raised $220 already! That means we need $180. Here's a challenge to my US readers: I need two (or more) people who are willing to donate $100 each to Mission Without Borders for Operation Christmas Love.  

If you donate $100 or more, contact me and provide a copy of your paypal receipt.  Upon verification, I will send YOU a Kindle Fire 7" tablet just to say thanks! I only have two of these to give away so this is limited but I want to do what I can to help meet this modest goal (next year we're aiming for a lot more!).  Also, this is only available in the US.  This is not affiliated with Mission Without Borders (I'm not employed by them).  But I have seen their work in Moldova and was so impressed with the mission and their work with local churches and the poorest.

In 42 days, I'll be off to Albania for a week and plan on bringing back lots of stories and photos back both of the country and the work Mission Without Borders is doing there!

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