Sunday, June 2, 2013

World Vision: Journey of a Special Gift

May was a good month!  Getting paid every two weeks means that twice a year I get a "bonus"  (OK it's not REALLY a bonus but when you budget monthly it is).  Last month I restarted my emergency fund (yeah me!) but really wanted to do something for my sponsored child K in Albania.  I've been sponsoring K since 2007 through World Vision.  He is growing up right before my eyes!  I still have the desire to visit someday but for now, I try to send small packages a couple of times a year- along with notes and cards.

The problem is this..

Well, he's growing up..  Wait that's not a problem.  but he's not a little boy anymore.  I used to send toy cars, stickers, markers- all of which a young boy could have fun with but what can I send NOW that he'll enjoy and USE??  

The Solution!

World Vision offers a program where you can send special monetary gifts to your child!  So I was able to send a special money gift and K and his family would be able to buy something they really want and need!  The video explains the process.  A pretty nifty solution.

I do want to mention that if you buy from Amazon using the links on this web page, you will enable me to send more gifts.  Money earned from Amazon affiliate links will go to my sponsored kids/family.  That's my pledge (I know there's no way to verify- just trust me on this one) I say this not to put a guilt trip on anybody but when birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays roll around, please keep me in mind?  I get a small percentage and it is no additional cost to you!

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