Saturday, October 17, 2015

Love in a Box: Operation Christmas Love 2015

Yes!  It is that time of year!  Or close enough.  As of 3 seconds ago, there was 68 days, 3 hours, and 50 minutes until Christmas 2015.  Are you ready?

Probably not.  And that's okay   BUT there is a special group of people who begin preparing for Christmas in October: Mission Without Borders is raising funds to distribute over 30,000 Operation Christmas Love parcels to the needy in Eastern Europe this December.  And what are OCL parcels?  OCL parcels are huge boxes filled with rice, oil, canned fish, pasta, meat, sweets, tea, coffee- everything a needy family can use to enjoy the holidays and bring relief to the daily grind of poverty.  These parcels are distributed through local churches who identify the neediest families and elderly and hand deliver parcels and share Christ's love during the Christmas season.  Parcels are delivered throughout the month of December.  

Special boxes are also specially prepared for families in the Family Sponsorship program and sponsored children.  I mention this because YOU (look in the mirror- yes you) made this possible this month. I wasn't sure how I could afford the Christmas gifts for my sponsored family and child this year but over the last month, I have received enough in Amazon commissions to cover this extra expense.  If you purchased from Amazon using my links, thank you so much!  

Each parcel costs just $40.  If you are able to contribute any amount, you can call 800-245-9191 (US only) and help make a family's holiday season a little bit brighter this year.  Starting tomorrow, you can make your holiday a little bit brighter with a brand new giveaway!  Thanks for stopping by.

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