Thursday, October 15, 2015

News from Moldova!

I was so happy to receive news from Moldova last week!  I keep checking airfare and hotel rates even though I know it will be many months before I would ever have a chance to re-visit.  Still, good news and pictures was a visit by proxy.

The P family has had a difficult year.  Two children were hospitalized with pneumonia (they've both recovered thankfully).  But Mission Without Borders was able to provide a steady supply of food and hygiene items to help the family and their six children.  The father is employed in seasonal or temporary labor which does not meet all the needs of his family.

There are things to be thankful for though.  First, the mother- who had left the family- has come home and it sounds like they are working through the marital issues.  This definitely is beneficial for all the children- certainly for the four girls.  

Along the same lines, the children are blessed to have an intact family.  Many parents in Eastern Europe- particularly Moldova- have abandoned their children as they head to the west or Russia in search of work.  One of the goals of the family sponsorship program is  "removing many of the day-to-day pressures that drive them ( the family) apart"  The first step towards independence and self-sufficiency is stability.  

By assisting with food, medicines, hygiene items, and other day to day needs- Mission Without Borders gives the family "breathing space" so they can begin to think and plan long term.

The P family asks for prayers for their health and financial situation.  If a special project that will help the P family long term becomes available, I have asked to be notified.  This can be any number of things- from chickens, farm animals, wood or coal for the winter. 

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