Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Seeds of Life!"

Packets of Vegetable Seeds

Bukurie is a widow whose husband passed away 10 years ago.  She was only 26 and was left with 4 children in rural Albania.  Every morning the children walked 3 miles to school- often on empty stomachs.  Although she receives a small state benefit for the children it provides little.  Food prices increase erratically while benefits remain stagnant.  She admits "I tried to provide food for them every day.  But often we just eat bread."

Mission Without Borders was able to provide Bukurie with Seeds of Hope- a large variety of high quality vegetable seeds- a few years ago.  She was also given needed tools to plant and tend the seeds,  a water pump and hose.  Two of her children are old enough to assist with the gardening and harvest.

"We had a very busy summer.  We worked a lot and now the result is a great one!"  The children now have fresh vegetables and food for the winter.  The harvest was bountiful and she plans on selling some of the excess to provide for the families needs.

Now she has flour for bread every day.  Now she can buy school supplies for her children.  From deprivation and despair- to hope.  This is what the Seeds of Hope and family sponsorship is all about.

"You may call them Seeds of Hope, but for me these are Seeds of Life!"

$25 will provide a large box of seeds for one family!

$117 will provide all the hand gardening tools that a family needs to maintain a good sized garden

Maybe your church group or club can sponsor an entire mini-farm for a needy family.  Multi- season seeds, tools and a greenhouse costs $3339 (as of last year).

These hands-up programs enable families to work, earn their own living, and maintain dignity while moving forward into self sufficiency and out of poverty.

Sources: Mission Without Borders summer newsletter, MWB Australia Bukurie and see the results!
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