Friday, March 20, 2015

Seeds of Hope in Ukraine: The Yushchuk family. Mission without Borders

Meet the Yushchuk family. They are in the family sponsorship program of Mission Without Borders. A few years ago they were also beneficiaries of the Seeds of Hope program. Life in Ukraine has been difficult lately and I can only hope that the family was spared the worst effects of the Russian aggression in the east.

According to a 2014 study, the diet of young children in Ukraine is generally unbalanced. Iron deficiency among young children is estimated at 40-50%.  80-90% have a significant lack of vitamin C in their diet and 40-80% have vitamin B deficiency. Iron and vitamins B and C are easily obtained in fresh vegetables and beans. Fresh vegetables are needed  not just for food security and economic growth. They are critical for health and development of young children.

Pray for the children of Ukraine.  If you are able would you be able to donate $24 to provide a Seeds of Hope box?  Maybe you are able to help support a child or family throughout the year.  Any amount will help.  As you can see from the video, the families are willing to work hard, they just need good tools and seeds.  If you aren't able to give, maybe share this program on social media.  Families do graduate from the Family to Family program.  Whenever possible, the program is geared toward self-sufficiency and independence from aid.
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