Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years: New Opportunities.

New Year Ball Drop Event for 2012 at Times Square

Am I the only person who failed miserably in his new years resolutions?  I hope not but sometimes it feels that way.  So much so that I hesitate to make any resolutions this year.  But what are resolutions anyhow?  Nothing but goals.  And if we inch toward the goal little by little, we are at least a little bit ahead- something positive accomplished.

So my new years goals will be a  bit more modest this year.  I want to read through the Bible this year.  Last year I fell behind, got discouraged, and well, that didn't end well.  Reading a little every day, I hope to finish by next December.  I also need to lose weight.  I made some progress this year but had unrealistic expectations.  Rather than near starvation, I have consulted some websites (especially Calorie Count) and have found that a more modest diet will produce the same goals (just takes a bit longer) and I hopefully won't binge eat.

Beyond that, with God's help, I hope to pay off massive amounts of debt this year.  I actually ended the year well, with a solid emergency fund and a little extra.  January is a 5 paycheck month.  My bills are all monthly so I hope to pay a couple off this first month of the year!

And I hope to blog more.  Honestly, there are so many GOOD things happening in the world to write about.  It is an encouragement to my own soul when I make myself do the work of finding some good news and writing it down.

So do you have any goals for 2015?  No resolutions..just goals that you're working toward and hope to make progress towards.    I hope I can help you read more in 2015 with the giveaway that starts tomorrow!  Stay tuned..

Happy New Year!
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