Monday, January 5, 2015

Operation Winter Rescue 2015

1000 Ukrainian hryvnia equals about $63. Imagine trying to raise 7 children on such a small stipend! Mission Without Borders partners with local churches to identify and assist needy families in Eastern Europe. One special campaign is Operation Winter Rescue-  sending extra support (firewood, food, warm clothes, and hygiene items) to those who are most affected by the cold- the poor.

A few definitions are needed. Tachycardia is a fast heartbeat and strabismus is the medical term for crossed eyes or lazy eye. These are some of the medical issues facing Vasyl in the video. But thanks to the support of Mission Without Borders, this family was provided with warm clothes, food, and more importantly HOPE. When you're down and out, hope is sometimes hard to come by. But, with the help of donors and partnering with local churches in Eastern Europe, hope (as well as food, coats, shoes, and firewood/coal)is being brought to needy families.

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