Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bittersweet news from Moldova

Today I received some unexpected news from Moldova.  I knew M was in the 8th or 9th grade last year but had assumed that he would continue at the boarding school until the 12th grade.  Then, like all American teenagers, he would graduate, maybe continue with education or find employment.  I was wrong.

Today I received a "goodbye" letter from M.  He is graduating from his "gymnasium" (boarding school) and leaving the child sponsorship program to attend a vocational school this fall.  According to this wikipedia article,  vocational school in Moldova will continue for 3 years.  During this time he will be trained for a career.  I'm not sure what his living situation will be.

 I was wrong

But he's gone.  There is a small chance that I would be able to continue to support/assist him during his vocational training.  I've absolutely no idea what this would cost- if it could be broken down into monthly payments- or even if I could afford it at all.  I am going to call in the morning and try to find out.  I had planned on doing this 3 years from now but definitely not THIS year.

I was able to visit M in March of 2010.  He grew up so fast.  
I was hoping I could visit again someday.  I hope I can write a small note back.

M is in God's Hands

BUT for now, there are still children needing sponsors, so I was asked to sponsor a younger child in kindergarten.  His parents are alive but very poor.  He has special needs (hearing impaired and he has dyslexia) so he stays at a state school during the week and goes home on weekends and for holidays.  He is 
described as a "sad and lonely child" which is heartbreaking.  

So life goes on.  I hope M is able to attend a good trade school and get some useful skills, find a good job, get married, have kids, love Jesus.  But now it's all in God's Hands.  M is in God's Hands.  He always was.  He always will be.

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