Thursday, November 20, 2014

Party Time! Christmas parties in Moldova

It's that time of year again!  Preparations are being made for cooking a Thanksgiving ham or turkey, Christmas wish lists are being made, and letters to Santa are being written!

It's an exciting time for many children in Moldova as well.  Thanks to Operation Christmas Love, 30,000 families are receiving large parcels of food and staples that will help them have a Christmas feast and help them enjoy many more meals this cold winter.

Sponsored families will be receiving gifts as well.  Each parcel contains tinned meats, concentrated juice, coffee/tea, a family board game, as well as chocolates and sweets for the Christmas celebration. 

Children in homes (state run boarding schools) are not forgotten!  Sponsors are able to send gifts to their children and many homes are able to host Christmas parties and dramas- like the one shown above.  Gloves, hats, small toys and sweets given to the children.  Older boys and girls receive hygiene items as well. 

"You are not forgotten" and "You are loved" are messages that everyone needs to hear often.  Especially those who feel forgotten or unloved.  What are ways that I can share this message this holiday season?  Let me know your ideas!  I'll pick one and email you a $10 Walmart gift card before Christmas!

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