Saturday, November 15, 2014

AAA..or a simple plea for preparedness

It's THAT time of year again. No not the holidays- the first big freeze when car batteries decide to quit and the stress leads to more car breakdowns (and accidents). The dreaded car breakdown/dead battery/wreck. I get a little sick to my stomach typing this out (you can tell I've had more than my share of all three!).

Proper maintenance can prevent many unfortunate situations. Nevertheless, life happens and it can often throw a curve ball at us when we least expect it. The key for this and ANY emergency is being prepared. But first, let me share a story of what happened tonight. I work at a hotel.  A young couple's car breaks down outside. Shady neighborhood- extremely cold weather. This poor kid comes in asking for a jump. I don't have the needed equipment (and can't anyhow while at work) so he is stuck in a bad spot. Apparently they had no one to call as they came in asking for a room and it took every penny they had to make it happen. I gave them a good rate- I'm not heartless- but it was unnecessary expense. In fact, a total waste of money.

If you don't have someone who you can call (and can front you money!) in the middle of the night, please look into AAA membership.  For a small annual membership of $49, you have someone on call who will come and jump your car, change your tire, and get you on the road for no additional charge!  They even bring gasoline if you're empty.

Seriously, I'm not being paid any referral fees and get absolutely zilch by writing this.  It's just that every year I see people needlessly throwing their money away due to a lockout, breakdown, dead battery, or other vehicle problems.  Or sitting in my hotel lobby trying for hours to get in touch with someone who will come give them a  jump at 2 am.  Please don't be that person.  One dead battery or one unlocked door and the membership pays for itself.

Meanwhile check out this brochure about "What to do when your vehicle breaks down"  and prepare for your holiday travels by being ready for the worst!

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