Sunday, September 9, 2012

A car free 2012 (no payments, no gas, no auto insurance!)

2011 has gone out with a bang.  
Actually, more like a 2000 lb bomb.

On December, my transmission gears started slipping again.  I thought the transmission
 flush had solved this issue before Thanksgiving.  Well, it didn't.  Long story short, 
after an expensive rebuilt transmission, the same thing happened again.  Seems there 
are massive electrical problems in the car.  Rather than put any more cash into a 18 
year old car, I instructed the mechanic to find a place to scrap it.  Cut my losses.

Good News

The good news is that I can get everywhere I need to get via public transportation. 
 Even better, I don't have to pay for auto insurance this year (save $800! this year- beat 
that Geico), no outrageous gas prices, oil changes, and plan on cancelling my much loved 
AAA  when it expires.  $42 a month gives me unlimited rides on public transportation.  I 
just have to plan every trip which is the downside.

So I am still on track for paying off 1/2 my credit cards this year.  If I can survive 2 years
 without a car I'll be way ahead of my goals/plans.  I think this is another example of God 
taking a trial and turning it into a blessing.

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