Saturday, June 16, 2018

Be Social Saturday.

THIS.  RIGHT.  HERE.  Just made my morning.  It's a story about people I've never met.  And I'll probably never meet them in this life!  It's the story about one family.  A single parent family that is struggling to make ends meet.  But God loved this family so much that He brought Mission Without Borders into their lives to not only tell them about God's great love but also to show them love.

  Families like these are being transformed daily through the encouragement and gifts brought by Mission Without Borders coordinators.  Hot meals served to hungry children.  Firewood and warm clothes for the winter. Food and hygiene supplies.  Job training for men and women so they can be self sufficient and provide for their families.

BUT the best part (for these children anyhow) is that 


(click the box to read the entire story!)

I call this "Be Social Saturday" because I want to share social media with YOU and ask you, in turn to share with others!  Log on to the Mission Without Borders Facebook page or my page and share some of these stories about summer camp and the work Mission Without Borders is doing in the poorest nations in Eastern Europe.  Maybe you can't give now- hey we've all been there!- but you can make a world of difference by sharing on social media and praying that God would raise up sponsors and donors for this work!

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