Friday, February 9, 2018

Update from Moldova!

I was so excited to receive an update from Moldova this week. The P family has been receiving help from Mission Without Borders for a couple of years and I was excited to hear how they were doing. The average monthly income in Moldova is only around $320 while consumer goods are comparable to western prices. This economic reality is why so many families are being torn apart by emigration to the West and Russia as they seek a better life. The monthly visits (and care packages) from a coordinator are truly a lifeline for the sponsored families.  Once a family is stabilized, they can focus on long term goals and move forward. 

Thankfully, both parents are present for the children in this family. Sadly, sickness and addiction are huge obstacles in their lives. Sickness prevents one parent from working. I googled the diagnosis and it's not good- it sounds terminal. One works but struggles with alcohol. With 5 children to feed, clothe, and get to school.. well the challenges seem insurmountable.

Honestly, when I first read the update, I was discouraged. There are so many challenges- it appears that the deck is stacked against this family. But that's exactly why Mission Without Borders exists. "To reach people.."- meeting people where they are- often in seemingly hopeless situations and bring hope. "Reaching people for Christ: helping thousands of people out of poverty into a sustainable future" Because of Christ there is Hope- for a better life in the future but also in the present.  This year the children received school supplies, medical help (one child broke her leg), and Operation Christmas Love parcels, in addition to regular food and hygiene parcels and visits.

By praying for and investing in the P family, I hope to see a dividend- even in this life. A family that knows Jesus and is active in church, not struggling to meet their daily needs but able to plan for the future.  A family that has the means to help others in their community. Children who are educated and have job skills they can use to provide for their families in the future. Breaking the back of generational poverty one family at a time.

All of this takes time, prayer, encouragement, and the grace of God.  I have seen the results in Albania.  Families are changed over time!  Hopefully sometime in the next 18 months, I'll be able to revisit Moldova and meet this family.  I'll take more pictures this time (I think I figured out Instagram..maybe..)  It'll probably be a longer trip with visits in Romania as well.  Right now, I want to be more faithful in praying for this family and sending them encouraging notes and Scripture.  

What verse of Scripture would you send to this family?  I'd really like to know!  

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