Friday, November 4, 2016

Operation Christmas Love in Moldova #OCL2016

Over 40,000 Moldovan children have one or more parents who have left the country seeking work abroad. The fortunate ones are left with relatives. Others are left to state institutions or abandoned altogether (see the story of John). What do you do as a grandmother left with school age children to care for?  Your pension (if you have one) and the state allowance per child (about $53 a month) just aren't enough to meet your daily need for food, clothing, medicine, and, especially in winter, cost of heating fuel (usually wood). The goal of Operation Christmas Love is to share the love of Christ to the most vulnerable in very practical ways. Food parcels can be a lifeline to those on the edge. More than a box, it is encouragement. Christ has not forgotten them and neither have we! I say we because we all have a part in this gift of encouragement and hope. Each box costs about $40 to assemble. Many items are purchased locally- which is a double benefit for struggling economies. If you had one less take out a week, you'd have $40 in a month (I'm talking to myself here as well)! Any donations can be sent via the internet (Mission Without Borders website), you can call 800-245-9191 in the US, or you can mail donations to
Mission Without Borders
P.O. Box 6008
Camarillo, CA 93011

If you are doing any early Christmas shopping on Amazon, please remember to use my affiliate links (just click the Amazon box below!)..I am passing along any Amazon commissions received and would LOVE to be able to fund 4-5 OCL parcels this season!  It costs you absolutely nothing extra and you can bookmark the link for future use!

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