Friday, October 28, 2016

Operation Christmas Love 2016

Have you ever had a friend bring a bag of groceries just when you didn't know how you were going to feed your kids? Ever have someone bring you a winter coat- just because they noticed you didn't have one? We are called as Christians to be a blessing to others. Sometimes that blessing can be spontaneous- paying for some one's groceries in the store. Sometimes it needs to be planned and methodical- such as planning a mission trip. This is a bit of both. Months of planning go into planning Operation Christmas Love. These parcels have to be purchased, stocked, filled with what each family needs, and hand delivered during the Christmas holidays. This takes thousands of hours of preparation and work. We, however, get the easier role! Each parcel costs about $40 and the money needs to be raised so that every parcel can be delivered to the families and children that need it the most! Donations are accepted for any amount at the Mission Without Borders website

Good news! 

You are helping just by visiting and using my Amazon and links! Thank you!  Yesterday I was able to send $45 for Operation Christmas Love parcels (via paypal- they work at day, I work at night!).  This money came from these affiliate links and the commissions.  My goal is to buy at least 3 parcels this season.  I really appreciate those who use my affiliate links!  Let me know you did (you can leave a comment or leave a message on Facebook) and I'll email you a Kindle code for a free Christmas book- Faithful Facts for Advent!  I only have 15 copies to give away so hurry! 

You can follow Mission Without Borders (US) on Facebook and Twitter as well.  Read the story below from their Facebook page and see how these parcels of love are changing lives and giving hope this Christmas!

Thanks for your support!

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