Saturday, October 22, 2016


New and old readers of this blog may have noticed a new widget in the sidebar recently for  I recently signed up as an affiliate for this hotel booking site.  They have the best available rates for over a million hotels worldwide.  If you are traveling overseas, they also have many small independent hotels and guesthouses- places that were hard to find on the internet until recently.  If you are looking for a hostel, a bed and breakfast, apartment (short term rental), or resort- is your one stop booking site!


If you are traveling (anywhere in the world!) and need a place to stay, would you consider using my links?  I receive a small commission from each completed stay.  You may know I am going to Albania in January (so excited!).  I would like to get K and his family some useful gifts- maybe even forward some money via World Vision's special gifts program so they can get what they need most.


Soon, Mission Without Borders will start raising money for Operation Winter Rescue!  Did you know that $75 will provide a months worth of wood to keep a family warm?  Wouldn't it be wonderful if, by using these links, a family could be kept warm this winter?  All at no additional cost to you!

I see real potential in this venture and really want to give it my best shot.  I appreciate any help or referrals you can give!  If you want to share my "unique link" it's simply .  Cut and paste into any browser.  Anytime someone uses that full link (make sure you include the ?aid=1175873), I'll get credit and you help me!  You get the same great service and customer support but are doing something special as well!  Thanks!

First Step

My first goal is to send enough money for 3 Operation Christmas Love boxes ($120).  I have $18 from bookings (so far) and $17  $27 (!) from Amazon sales (yes please use my links when purchasing from Amazon as well!).  Only $85 left to go!  I want to send the money by Nov 15th.  Anything you can do to help is most appreciated.

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