Friday, September 16, 2016

Investing in Families: Mission Without Borders in Moldova

When I visited Moldova in 2010, I was able to witness firsthand how the family sponsorship program is changing lives in very practical ways. One of the families was in much the same situation as this man. The Chivu families mother was in Moscow working while the father stayed home in Moldova with his two young children. There weren't jobs available but the missions support helped keep food on the table, the family intact, and the children in school. All three are critical for the future of this family. The Chivu's were provided with a flock of chickens and supplies which will help them move toward self sufficiency as well.

Moldova has a child abandonment issue. Children are simply left to fend for themselves or abandoned to state boarding schools because the parents cannot afford to care for them and leave for work abroad. Many parents don't WANT to leave their children but hopelessness often leads to desperate decisions. Christ came to give us hope for this life and the future. We, in turn, can extend that same hope to needy families. Not just a handout but a stepping stone on the path to dignity and self sufficiency.

The UK office of Mission Without Borders recently published another success story. Take a moment and read about Vladimir and how his family was changed forever through family sponsorship! If you are in the US you can always visit Mission Without Borders US and like on Facebook as well. There is so much bad news out there. Take a moment out of your day to think on something positive!

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