Monday, August 22, 2016

Moving Day!

After 15 years in the same apartment, I am finally moving. Not exactly moving UP but definitely moving to a different apartment. I have secured an efficiency and it will be interesting living in one room instead of all spread out. My apartment is pretty empty- all I have left to move is a couple of bookcases, my bed ( I wish I'd bought a twin now!), and clothes. One reason for moving is that my current apartment needs a lot of love and attention (paint, new carpet, patching some cracks from the building settling) and it became clear that nothing was going to be done while I was still paying rent every month. Secondly, an efficiency is cheaper and comes with utilities included (which makes it cheaper still). Sure, I can afford more, but why not take a chance, save money, pay off bills quicker? It's only a year's lease. After that year, it's 60 days at a time- so there's no long term commitment. I hope to save $100 or more a month. Do the math. That's two weeks in Eastern Europe every year! Not saying that's going to happen but it's an idea.

The new apartment--well it's NOT new- just new to me. I think this was once a hotel maybe? The kitchenette is retrofitted- it obviously was added to "a room" . Painted wood floors that are, well, ugly (but on the bright side no stained carpets!). I bought a Swiffer WetJet and am able to mop everything in 5 minutes!  This apartment is definitely an Amazon apartment.  The bed, mattress, bakers rack, storage shelf- almost everything was bought on Amazon Prime.  With free 2 day shipping (I actually received some items even quicker!) it was a no-brainer.  Whenever I discovered I needed something, I could pop on to Amazon at work, place a quick order and have it at my front door in no time!  Much easier than waiting for stores to open and driving all over town.  Amazon Prime has made this move much, much easier.

I plan on moving in completely today.  Then I'll have a week to clean the old apartment (they want it in "rentable condition" which I find hilarious.  But it will be as clean as I can get it.  Hopefully I'll get the full security deposit back.  If I don't, well I'm just looking forward- not back and excited about no more electric/gas bills!

What's the longest time you have lived in one home? Do you wish you had moved more or less?

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