Tuesday, December 8, 2015

16 Days Until Christmas! And other things that make me smile..

Did you know there's only 16 days until Christmas?  And there's so much left to do!  I hope you're not like me ( I am so far behind that I don't know where to start..)  I haven't even been to the mall yet!  I go ONCE during the holiday season to see the decorations..get ideas for gifts..sneak over to Cinnabon or Great American Cookie Company.. and then head home.  Occasionally, the malls will even have great sales!  But it is an event- not something that can be done quickly (not with holiday traffic anyhow).

Something else that made me smile today.  I got a letter from Albania!  K (sponsored through World Vision) received the Christmas gift (that you help fund by shopping on Amazon, Jacob Bromwell, and others on this page- thank you!)  He had written that his father was unemployed and the family was struggling (something he has never hinted at before).  He is 13 now and I think at the age where you are no longer a child and begin to understand where your family is financially.  With some of the blog income (actually it emptied the account..) I was able to send a monetary gift.  So K and the World Vision coordinator went shopping.  The process works like this..

1.  Sponsor sends a gift.
2.  World Vision staff meet with the family and determine what their greatest needs are.
3.  Staff member accompanies child (if old enough) and purchases the items locally (so this benefits the local economy as well).  Usually the child is allowed to choose a small toy/gift for themselves.
4.  Thank you letter sent along with list of items purchased and a picture

Well, he bought nothing for himself but 11 bags of groceries for his family!  I just looked up the cost of living numbers on Numbeo.  Food prices there aren't much lower than here.  Anyhow, I was glad that his family can eat well this holiday.

I really, really, really want to visit there someday.  That's why I am working crazy long hours and trying to pay off stuff and save money.  First I need a passport.  Mine was stolen (it was reported to FBI etc!) but I never got around to replacing it.  There just seem to be so many hurdles to jump.

Anyhow I appreciate all of you who shop at Amazon using my links.. and I hope someday to be blogging and have really cool news and pictures from Albania.  Until then...
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