Friday, November 27, 2015

While you're shopping on Black Friday..

Don't forget those in need in your local community!  Our local Salvation Army runs a program called the Food Angel Tree.  It runs the same as the Angel Tree program for kids.  But this program provides a holiday meal to a needy family in your local community.  You ring up your "angel" along with your other food purchases and make a $25 donation.  This is usually increased by donations from the grocery store (in this case Kroger).

Maybe a holiday feast isn't a necessity but for a parent who won't be able to afford a Christmas dinner for their children, it means everything.  If your local store is participating, please consider buying an angel and passing along the blessing of a Christmas dinner.  It's a great alternative for those of us who may not be able to buy an entire Christmas list for a needy child through the Angel Tree program.

Enjoy this festive season!
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