Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sarmale Recipe from Mission Without Borders

Sarmale was the one meal I ate A LOT of years ago when I spent two wonderful summers in Romania.  I haven't eaten it in years which is why I was happy to find this authentic recipe in a newsletter from Mission Without Borders Australia.  I intend on making a batch in my dutch oven once things slow down at work.  Two full time people have quit so life will be interesting the next couple of weeks!  But much progress is being made in getting bills paid off (forever!) so I am grateful- even for double shifts and long hours
If you get have the chance to make this let me know how it goes!  I have an awesome giveaway starting tomorrow called Let's Cook.  There will be two winners and the prizes are tools for cooking!  Just a few of  the prizes include a set of stainless steel measuring spoons, a cutting board, a quality chef's knife, and a gourmet cheese slicer!  Check back tomorrow for your chance to win!

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