Monday, June 1, 2015

Taste of Ukraine: Ukrainian Borscht

I found an easy recipe for Romanian mici (mititei) online last week.  I want to try to make it next week.  If it is as simple as it looks, I'll share it here.  Mici is a popular Romanian meat- usually grilled outdoors and is served everywhere- from street vendors to nice restaurants.

Borshch2This recipe I am a little hesitant about.  I found it in a Mission Without Borders Australia newsletter.  It is a bit more complicated and is native to Ukraine.  I know that if I ever am able to visit Ukraine, I'll have to have some borscht.  But what exactly is borscht?

Borscht is an authentic Ukrainian dish, usually made with beef or pork broth and potatoes and beets or other starchy vegetables.  It was first introduced to America by Jewish immigrants from Ukraine and Eastern Europe.  There are many variations- including hot and cold options!

Let me know if you have ever tried borscht in the comments. Are you going to try this recipe?

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